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Missy's Biography


Once again I'd like to thank you for checking out my website! My career is very important to me and it means a lot to have supporters out there for what I do!  I grew up in Minnetonka, MN.  I am the middle child of 3 daughters! My sisters and I are all close in age so we have always been extremely good friends! My family is very important to me and I would be nowhere in life especially in the modeling business without their love and support for me!


I was an athlete my whole life growing up! From the moment I could walk I was enrolled in dance and gymnastics!  I learned what commitment and teamwork meant from a very early age!  My father enrolled me in softball when I was in kindergarten! I very much wanted to be a softball pitcher so I worked very hard and was able to pursue that from second grade all the way through my senior year of high school! I had a gift for what I did and I was able to keep focus even when the most intense pressure was on! I pitched for our varsity fast pitch softball team 9-12th grade! I earned the honor of being a captain of my team senior year!


Even though I loved being an athlete throughout my adolescent years, it had always been a dream of mine as a very young girl to be a model! I use to flip through YM and Seventeen magazines and ask my mom if I could model just like the girls I looked up to!  She always told me that once I was 18 I could do whatever I wanted!  As I grew up that dream never vanished from my mind! Once I was in college at the University of Minnesota I decided that it was now or never to try pursuing my dream!  I really didn't know where to start or how I would fit into the modeling world. However, to my surprise, due to my athletic body and natural look I fit very well into the bikini, commercial and fitness modeling industries!  I started doing several different Model searches for different bikini model brands like Hawaiian Tropics and Planet Beach! However, it was Car Craft Magazine that saw something in me!  I won their Miss Car Craft Magazine Model Search for 2006!  I had no idea that day that my life would change forever!  I started going to several local auto shows selling my swimsuit poster to car fans! I ended up doing a fantastic job at it! As a Communications Studies major at the University of Minnesota, communicating with people was never a problem for me!  I had such a good fan base with Car Craft Magazine as well as the car world that I won their model search again in 2007! 


I was approached by Exotica Swimwear to be on their promotional bikini team for their swimwear company!  What started as a PR stunt quickly took a life of its own! I became the Co-Captain of Exotica Swimwear's Bikini Ice Fishing Team for their 2007 and 2008 season. Because of my love for talking in front of the camera I became our main spokes model! Anytime we were in front of the camera, on the radio or on television I did the majority of the speaking! I even became the MC for all of our fashion shows! It was there that I found my nitch for speaking in front of the camera! I also did some hosting and interviewing for a small cable access television show called Crave TV! I would go to local events such as dance competitions and interview the competitors and host the event for the show!  Once I realized that I loved doing that so much I started studying it in my degree at the University of Minnesota! I hope to one-day work for a Entertainment Television show doing hosting, interviewing and reporting!


I am now a marketing specialist for KrugerFarms.com I do "two minutes tip" videos on their site and encourage woman to have as much fun as the men do out doors. KrugerFarms.com sells guide recommended hunting and fishing gear. I am in Playboy's October 2008 issue for the Girls of the Big Ten for the University of Minnesota and Playboy's Special Editions Jan/Feb 2009 College Girls issue. I am also Playboy's Cyber Club Miss April 2009 Coed of the month. Check me out at Playboy.com  I am very excited about my progress in the last two years and look forward to the future for what it may throw my way! I know what I love to do and what I'm good at, I'm just working towards finding my way to where I want to be!



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